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wakinglife88's Journal

16 March
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Me =
----Hacky Sack--------->
-----Listening to tunes->
------Writing music------>
-------Guitar hero-------->
--------Katamari Demacy---->
----------Pwning Noobs------->
------------Waking Up---------->

i am an oneironaut.

i am a lucid dreamer.

i believe in the idea that life is art, an extention of our personality for us to create.

i have a love for music, art, philosopy, psychology, and have an ongoing strive to understand the mind and the bodies that they control.

im a very friendly and outgoing person. and i love to meet new people and share life experiences.

i like talking to people i have never met before and understanding who they are.

i may play games with you, but only in a friendly way :)

i love life and every minute of it.

this is my world to create.

lets be pals.

dont be an ant. :)